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Amazon Saheli

Empowering women entrepreneurs across India

What is Amazon Saheli?

An Amazon initiative to bring to the fore locally made products from women entrepreneurs in India. A program to enable women to become successful sellers on Amazon.

Amazon Saheli Benefits

Subsidized Referral Fee

Reduced referral fee will stand at 12% or less depending upon the category

Personalized Training for a Quick Start

Training support on how to Sell on Amazon to kickstart the business

Account Management Support

Our account manager will guide you in your initial days as a seller

Imaging and Cataloguing Support

Professional product photoshoot and product listing support to get your account live

Increased Customer Visibility

Your products will also be displayed on the Saheli store on to help you get noticed by more customers

Marketing Support

Leverage our marketing initiatives to grow your brand

Hear more from our Sahelis

Amazon Partners

From our marketing events

Participate in our marketing and networking events such as Smbhav and Small Business Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about Amazon Saheli

What does Saheli mean?

The word Saheli in Hindi literally means a female friend. Amazon is acting like a friend to the women entrepreneur by enabling them to become successful online entrepreneurs.

I am a woman entrepreneur, affiliated with one of the Amazon partners. I sell products offline and/or on other portals. Can I be a part of Amazon Saheli?

Yes, you can apply for the program and we will validate all the details you provide. Once you apply successfully, we will send you all details to start selling on as a Saheli seller. To receive Saheli benefits of reduced referral fee, imaging and cataloguing support for launching your business on Amazon, you need to be affiliated with one of our partners.

I am a woman entrepreneur and I am already selling on Amazon. Can I be a part of the Saheli program?

Yes . Please fill the form available in the 'Apply now' section. We will review your submission and get back to you.

Can I avail all the benefits, if I am already selling on Amazon?

Your products and story will be added to Amazon Saheli Store.
Free imaging and cataloguing, account management, subsidized referral fee and onboarding training support are meant to help woman entrepreneur who has not started selling on Amazon. As you are already selling on Amazon you are not eligible for the launch support.

We are an NGO/Not for Profit Organization. How can we partner with Amazon Saheli?

If you are a government run body/NGO/Not for Profit and are helping women entrepreneurs in selling products and you meet our requirements, we will onboard you as our partner. Please apply on the link given on this page.

What are the requirements to sell under the Saheli program?

As this program is to empower women entrepreneurs, you need to be a woman entrepreneur. You also need to have the following minimum requirements to Sell on Amazon – Your proprietorship details, contact details, bank account, PAN Number and GST. You can click below to know more about Selling on Amazon.

I don’t have GST and I want to sell my products online. How can Amazon Saheli help me?

You need to have GST to Sell on Amazon. Don't have GST? You can connect with a third party service provider to help you get GST by clicking on the below link-

Who will take care of my logistics, inventory and seller account?

Saheli team will only help you get started on Amazon with training, account set up,free imaging & cataloguing and account management support in your initial 30 days as a seller on the platform. You will be managing your seller account.

If you want services to ship during or after the first 30 days, you can avail FBA or easy ship services as per applicable cost. You can read more about the same below:

How will I get notified of the training schedule? How much do I need to pay for them?

Once you are invited for the program, you will get an SMS or E-mail notification with the exact date and location of the training if it is an offline workshop or you will get webinar registration link if it is an online training session. This onboarding session will be for all the sellers launched under the Saheli program at no cost

I have already applied but there has been no response. How can I escalate the same to Amazon?

You can write an email to and we will get in touch with you.

I still have queries, how can I get in touch with you?

You can write to us at We would be happy to assist you.

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Popular categories to sell online in India

Sell Face Masks & Gloves

Sell Medical Equipment

Sell Hand Sanitizers

Sell Grocery

Sell Books

Sell Beauty Products

Sell Home Products

Sell Kitchenware

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Amazon Local Shop Registration

Amazon Pay

Registration Process

Step 1


Fill the form in the "Apply Now Button" linked below and we will contact you with next steps if you meet the eligiblity criteria described in the FAQ

Step 2

Onboarding and Training

Training support will be provided to help you with how to sell online, i.e. how to run an account on Amazon

Step 3

Imaging & Cataloging

For your initial launch, support will be arranged for the photoshoot of your products and detailed cataloging

Step 4

Launch Business

Once your account is launched, you products will be available for sale on Your products will also be visible on the dedicated Amazon Karigar store

Who can apply

You can apply to be a part of Amazon Karigar if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Individual Artisan/Weaver Aggregator/NGOs Cooperatives/Government Emporiums who wish to start selling hand crafted, hand made products on Amazon
  • A Govt body/NGO/Not for Profit organization working to enable artisans

Registration Process

Please make sure you meet one of the following criteria

  • A woman enterpreneur already registered as a seller on Amazon.
  • A woman enterpreneur affiliated with our partners looking to sell on Amazon.
  • A Govt body/NGO/Not for Profit organization supporting women empowerment.

Step 1


Fill the form in the "Apply Now Button" by selecting the application option.

Step 2

Training and Registration

We will evaluate your application. On successful evalution, we will start the registration and training process.

Step 3

Imaging & Cataloging

We will use prefessionals to take HD images of your products meeting the Amazon imaging requirements.

Step 4

Account Set-up

We will help you set-up your account to start your selling journey.

Who can apply

You can apply to be a part of Amazon Saheli if you meet any of the following criteria

  • A woman enterpreneur already registered as a seller on Amazon
  • A woman enterpreneur affiliated with our partners looking to sell on Amazon
  • A Govt body/NGO/Not for Profit organization supporting women empowerment

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